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从下列每小题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中, 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

1. This is _____story of friendship. Let's read ____ story together.

A. a; an     

B. an; the    

C. an; a     

D. a; the

2. Mike's aunt is ______English teacher. We all like ______.

A. our; she    

B. our; her    

C. we ; he   

D. we; her

3. It is ______ to say "thank you" very often, even to family members 

A. polite    

B. rude     

C. dangerous   

D. humorous

4. Anna is taller than me. She sits ______me in the classroom.

A. between    

B. from    

C. behind    

D. among

5. His beautiful music has brought _____ to people all over the world.

A. difficulty   

B. pleasure    

C. weather    

D. danger

6. People ____ talk on a mobile phone while they are driving.

A. shouldn't    

B. needn’t    

C. must     

D. can

7. Bill lives _____ to school than Peter.

A. close     

B. closed    

C. closer    

D. the closest

8. I'm ____ things for my trip because I like to get things ready earlier.

A. keeping clear of       

B. making a list of   

C. getting on well with      

D. winning the heart of

9. The government plans to ___ more jobs for young people in western China.

A. create    

B. avoid    

C. borrow   

D. guess

10. When I was young, my parents taught me _____ older people kindly.

A. treats    

B. to treat    

C. treated    

D. treat

11. —Where is mum?

—In the living room. She ____ a book at the moment.

A. was reading  

B. will read   

C. is reading   

D. has read

12. The Monkey King is a traditional Chinese cartoon hero. Today, he _____ by people of all ages.

A. will; love   

B. was; loved    

C. is; loved   

D. will; be loved

13. My cousin became a country doctor ____ he finished medical school.

A. after    

B. so that    

C. but    

D. so

14. —Could you tell me ______ "the Father of Rice "?

—Because he helped many countries grow more rice.

A. when was Yuan Longping called   

B. why is Yuan Longping called

C. when Yuan Longping was called   

D. why Yuan Longping is called

15.—Shall we go for a walk?

—______. It's too dark. We'd better stay at home.

A. Nice idea    

B. That's true  

C. Don't be silly  

D. I agree with you.

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